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Who's who in Foundation Stage?


Class Teacher: Mrs Frances


Nursery Nurse: Ms Shell 


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Walters


 Things you need in School.

This is a brief reminder of the things children will need in school when they start to attend full-time.

A small PE bag containing a white tee-shirt and navy blue shorts. ( Lots of beautiful hand-made bags available in school for £3!)

A bookbag-which will be given to your child by Mrs Frances after the Reading workshop at the end of September.

A pair of named wellington boots.

A waterproof coat or jacket.

Things you don't need!

Water bottles-water is provided at regular intervals through the day, and at lunchtime.

Spare clothes in case of little accidents, as we have a stock of these.

Trainers and plimsolls are not required until the Summer term.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we learned the story of the Jade Emperor. He named the Years of the Chinese Zodiac, by asking some animals to race across a river. The twelve winners had the twelve years named after them. We also made some lanterns, painted some banners using the characters wishing us good health and good luck, and made some streamers for dragon dancing. We learned that gold and red are important colours to Chinese people.  From watching a film about Abi and Yim, we learned that some of the customs for Chinese New Year are similar to Christmas. The class were interested to see Abi and her family cleaning and decorating their house, dressing up in new clothes, giving gifts, and sharing special celebration foods. Happy New Year! 

E-ggs-ellent E-ggs-periments!

As part of Book Week and our  science topic, we have been experimenting with eggs.  We looked at how tough an eggshell has to be, why it has to be so hard and how difficult it is to break one. We tried squeezing an egg, in our fists as hard as we could, and those of us who wanted to stood on some eggs......we only had two breakages! 




Today we investigated stars. We talked about all the things we already knew about stars, and investigated things we didn't know and wanted to know more about. The class have asked me to put this list of star facts on the page, so they can share their learning with everyone.

The Sun is a star. All stars are Suns.

You can only see stars at night, but they are there in the sky all the time. You just can't see them because the Sunlight is too bright.

You can see stars on a clear night. 

The Sun keeps us warm, gives us light, and keeps us alive.  

If we didn't have a Sun, we wouldn't survive, because we would freeze, and nothing would grow.


We looked at some constellations, and the stories behind them. 

The class had a go at building their own constellations with marshmallows and cocktails sticks.  It wasn't easy, but everyone tried really hard, counting the stars to work out how many marshmallows they would need, and matching the patterns.  They looked amazing. 

The class have also painted some glittery stars. 






 Thursday Surgeries

I will be holding regular Foundation Stage Surgeries on the dates shown below. These are to give parents an opportunity to discuss any issues that they may have. I am aware that the beginning and end of the school day may not be convenient to parents or sometimes a longer meeting is preferable.


If you have an urgent concern please catch me or a member of the Foundation Stage team at the beginning or end of the school day or arrange an appointment through the school office.


Many thanks 

Helen Frances






Digraph Detectives!

In Letters and Sounds we have moved on to looking at digraphs. Digraphs are two separate sounds which join together to make one new sound.

We have so far learned:

SH, CH, TH, EE and OW. 

Your child has had fun in class being a  Digraph Detective, and may carry on spotting digraphs at home, in books, on signs, and other environmental print. 


As part of our RE topic, we have been thinking about special things, especially special books. Here are some pictures of us with our special books. Please check back as we share more books. 


World Book Day

As part of our learning for World Book Day, we are focussing on one of our favourite authors, Mini Grey.  Biscuit Bear was one of the first books we shared as a class, and it is a frequently requested book.  

World Book Day!

We had a really enjoyable time celebrating World Book Day. Everyone looked fabulous in their costumes. 

We shared lots of Mini Grey stories, made a book for Mrs Frances, engineered some cages for baddies, made Octohats, drew "selfies" and experimented with egg carriers.  In the afternoon we showed the whole school our costumes and our book. They seemed very impressed!



Today we shared the Mini Grey story Egg Drop.  We then explored the best way to make a working  parachute to save an egg from falling and smashing, as is the fate of the impatient egg of the story.  The class were offered a variety of materials and shapes to use, and we experimented to find the best way to build a parachute. The parachutes all worked, some worked better than others, but all would have slowed the fall of the impatient egg from the top of the tall, tall tower! 


We really enjoyed our Science Day! We explored making rockets to send mice into space, bubble snakes and wax resist painting.