Year 4


Who's who in Year 4 ?

Mrs Pippa Potts - Class teacher

Mrs Imelda Robinson - TA/NN

Mrs Helen Spibey 1-1/TA

Mrs Bree Wale 1-1





P.E. in Year 4                                      

Tuesday and Friday

Please make sure your P.E. kit is always in school!

Monday-Brass. Remember your instrument.


There will be spellings and homework set every week.

Homework is given out on Monday to be handed in/learnt for the following Monday.

Please also continue to hear your child read regularly at home.

If you would like to do extra work with your child, then by the end of year 4 the children are supposed to be able to spell all the words on the, 'statutory word list' below. They will also need to know all their times tables up to 12x12! Any help with reaching these targets would be gratefully received!


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Useful links

New Walk Museum

Our theme this term is:

Ancient Egypt

Use the hieroglyphics to write your name.

The Easter story

What does this picture tell you? Where do you think you might find a story about this? Try the link below.

Who is this?

Where would you find this and what is it called?

World Book Day