Spring Term 2017


Tuesday 7th February

Rocky Monster Show

Children in years 5 and 6 wowed their audiences with stunning performances of their Rocky Monster Show!

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Tuesday 28th February

Reading Super Learning Day

Isabella Puttnam writes:

On February 28th, 2017, Queniborough Primary School celebrated World Book Day! There were lots of great activities and it was a fun filled day for everyone, especially year 6.

We had to dress up as an author or a character from a book. Our class was The Hunger Games; I was Primrose Everdeen. Miss Blythe read Holes (our class book) to us and I enjoyed it. Holes is about a boy called Stanley who ends up at a Juvenile Detention Centre. They dig a 5ft hole every day. The warden says it builds character; Stanley must uncover the truth about why they dig holes. It is very good and I recommend it.

Next, we went to the Book Fair; I did not have any money so I bought a book with my token. I really wanted a book that I could not get so I read the whole book instead of buying it! Then we had break.

After break, we did an extremely short story on a piece of bunting. Mine was about a girl called Hope who comes across an Indian tribe.

Reading to our friends was next. We all had our favourite book- mine was Mockingjay and I read to Daisy and Ruby. Ruby read The Worst Thing About My Sister by Jaqueline Wilson. Lunch was after that.

Next was my favourite activity; designing a bookmark! Mine said famous authors and had pictures on it- Mia’s won because it had a funny quote on it. Mrs. Dunstan said mine was lovely!

Lastly, we made a branch. Everyone had a leaf to write about their favourite book. I like Mockingjay because it is gripping and exciting and I could not put it down.

Overall, I enjoyed Tuesday and I would do it again! It was much better than last year because the book fair had better books. Certainly a day to remember!


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Wednesday 15th March

Grandparents' Gardening Afternoon

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preparing our school gardens for the spring.

Thank you everyone!



Monday 27th March

'Jump to It' Dance Festival at Loughborough Town Hall

Click on the photograph to see Year 5 rehearsing their dance interpretation of art by Jackson Pollock

Thursday 6th April

Easter Celebrations.

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